Consistency & Patience

Becoming your best version takes effort.  It takes more than reading or listening to a podcast (or 7).  It takes more than just meditating each day.  I’m not saying it doesn’t take those things too, but there are other things you need to be doing to improve yourself.

If you break your being down into mind, emotions, spirit, and body it becomes easier to identify the steps that you can take.  The mind needs exercise, just as our body does, to become strong and disciplined.  Reading, writing, journaling, brain games, puzzles, math, crafts, and creating anything are good exercises for the mind.  Don’t forget that we have both an analytical and creative side, so make sure you work both.

Our emotions control most of our reactions so you really want to raise your awareness and work to change your conditioned responses.  We develop coping skills throughout our life and many of them are in place before we turn 12 years old.  Our ego is there to protect us but it often goes overboard as the unconscious cannot determine real fear from imagined.  The ego will teach you how to avoid the painful feelings that are part of life such as death and failure and also the more traumatic events we can experience like rape and violence.  It teaches you the chemicals in sugar and fast foods will stimulate your brain and release those wonderful chemicals that will make you happy in the moment.

This coping becomes a conditioned, unconscious process that we aren’t even aware that is happening.  The feeling the ego is protecting us will occasionally be triggered from something we experience and will trigger that fight or flight response.  It may have been because of a fight with a romantic partner, but the ego is still protecting you from the emotional abuse you received from your father as a child.  We then run away from the feelings of that experience to quickly replace it with our preferred coping mechanism.  For me it was sugary foods, sleep, and video games.

The coping is the easiest thing to become aware of since it is something we are actually doing in the physical and not just mental/emotional.  That still takes effort because we are generally not present.  Once we become aware of the coping behavior we can trace back to the feeling that we are avoiding.  All emotions need to be processed and expressed.  If we do not do this it will remain with us energetically and over time it will start to come out as a pain or illness somewhere in our body.

Spirit is part of this process in what guides our behaviors.  It is our heart and our passions.  It is wiser than our minds, but our ego doesn’t like to give up this control.  Knowing yourself through studies of philosophy, consciousness, Natural Law, truth, the trivium is the foundation work needed in order to understand yourself and how you are a creator being with the ability to manifest what it is you want in your life.

The body needs proper nutrition and it is designed to move.  Eat, drink, and put the right substances on your body for hygiene.  Learn what all of the ingredients in the products you use are and what they do to the human body.  This again starts with the mind.  Educate yourself.  Then work on becoming aware of any underlying emotions that are controlling your behavior and recondition them.  Finally line up your actions with your heart and your purpose.

None of this happens overnight or all at once.  It takes consistency and patience.  I have found that for me this isn’t a great place to multitask.  This is a one habit at a time process where I identify the behavior I want to change and it becomes my top priority each and every day.  It took me 73 days to make daily exercise a habit.  I found the patience to keep it as my priority for that long before I moved on to working on another habit.  I remained consistent after week 2 in order to get to a point where I felt comfortable with it being a conditioned habit.

I hope this resonates with you.  If it helped you or brought up questions please say so in a comment below.



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