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Is Sickness Bad?

What is your perspective on sickness? Do you see it in a negative light and never look at it or talk about it once it has passed?
Sickness can be a very beneficial process on the journey of self-improvement. If we pay attention to it, it can teach us how to heal. When we learn this process we can help others learn how to heal themselves.
It teaches us empathy. When we experience something personally it is much easier to connect with those that are currently going through.
One other thing that sickness can be positive is that it puts death in perspective. We never know how long we will be here and sickness can help us realize this truth. It encourages us to take action now!
Take some time to reflect on any sickness you have experienced or are experiencing. What can you learn from it? How has it helped you to get to where you are and how can you use what you’ve learned to improve yourself?
Personally, I suffered with severe depression for more than 20 years. At one point my depressive episodes would last longer than a year with only a handful of “good” days sprinkled in. The most important lesson I learned from this sickness was personal responsibility and accountability. I learned that only I could take the necessary steps to heal myself. That doesn’t mean I didn’t look for help and advice from others, but none of that helped until I began to apply it.
That is the one lesson that I learned that I want to share with you. You, and only you, are responsible for the decisions you make and the actions that you take. Your health is your responsibility. If you turn over that responsibility to another person or rely on the health care system to take care of you, you will not fully heal. You may feel better at times, but you need to heal the part of you that makes you sick. I know how difficult that is, but I believe in you. I know the strength that you have even if you cannot yet see it. It is absolutely in there!
You’ve got this! If you ever need any guidance or encouragement or just someone to talk to that will listen and understand you, I am here for you.

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