The Cellar

The Cellar



I can see your tears, even though you do not cry.

I can see your tension, though you shrug your shoulders.

I can see your pain through your smile.

I know you.  I’ve been right where you are.

I experienced the night that lasted for years.

You are not alone on this journey, unless you choose that experience.

That’s OK too.  There is growth and learning in isolation.

I see the cellar shelves you have filled with painful emotions.

I’ll get to those later when they don’t hurt as much, you say.

Now, when you go to the cellar, you don’t want to acknowledge the overflowing shelves.

You’ll get to those later.

When is later?

Maybe a friend can help you get started now.

You only need to grab one item off the shelf.

What did you grab?  Is it fear?  embarrassment?  failure?  loss?  sickness?

Can you feel it without judging it?

What are you experiencing right now?

Is that a tear in your eye?

It is OK to let this go.  It doesn’t need to stay in the cellar forever.

One item at a time.  Clean out the clutter.

Maybe you can redecorate while you’re at it!

There is space now for joy, happiness, and smiles.

I see a great spot to hold unconditional love.

What an amazing sight!!  The rest of the house is changing too!

Look at all of the wonderful guests stopping in to visit you.

You share your abundance of joy and happiness with them as well.

Do you see their tears, even though they aren’t crying?

Do you see their tension when they shrug their shoulders?

Do you see pain in their smile?

Maybe you can help them rearrange their cellar.

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