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The RichWay Personal Enrichment Program Review

I am really excited to share my review of The RichWay Personal Enrichment Program with you!  I was introduced to this program by a great friend and was immediately intrigued as to what was going on here.  I have a lot of goals and projects I would like to manifest into reality and have been looking for a coach or accountability partner to work with because the progress has been slow on my own.  I spoke with one of the facilitator’s, Brian Street, and  loved his enthusiasm.


I was still quite skeptical because the program offered a lot:

  • one-on-one coaching with 3 different coaches
  • access to courses from various topics such as time management, overcoming obstacles, and others.  There is one class available each day and the selection is growing
  • daily motivational videos
  • work with an accountability partner
  • network with an amazing group of people striving to be their best versions

I was most worried about the price as I know what individual coaches charge and that ranges from $40 to $1000 an hour.  I was guessing this would be at least $100-$250 per month and was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was only $130 annually and $30/per month.  There is even a way to get the monthly fee waived!  I mulled it over for a couple of weeks before I set up another call with Brian and decided to join.

I have been attending my first class for 7 weeks now and I am even more excited now than I was when I first heard about it.  I am taking Brian’s class on defying societal expectations and in just this short amount of time I’ve been able to break through some fears that were keeping me from recording videos and sharing my healing journey.  I am aware I still have work to do in order to be better at speaking, but I couldn’t even record for myself because of my fear before.  I’ve also been making steady progress towards my short term goals.  Before my progress was start…stop…start…stop…go back…start again.  The use of my accountability partners have really helped me maintain focus and accomplish what I set out to do.

Getting In On the Ground Floor!

The most exciting thing is the timing.  The RichWay was only an idea in the mind of Ricky Bennett in September of 2017.  He began to share his vision with his close friends, including Brian, and it began to form into this amazing Personal Enrichment Program.  From just a few people it has grown to almost 200 people and the growth rate is accelerating.  If you are a coach or mentor and looking for a way to get your name/brand in front of a lot of high achievers, NOW is the time to do it.  You will have the opportunity not only to work on your own goals, but to become a Personal Enrichment Coach and course facilitator.  You can also host and run your own seminars as the program continues to grow.  It hasn’t even officially launched yet so you have a chance to be one of the main faces of the program.  Talk about a career booster!!!

You Get Out of It What You Put Into It

While there is structure and the opportunity to take the classes, work with your coaches and accountability partners, and watch the daily motivational videos, it is completely up to you to do the work.  Your goals are your own and if you want them to come to fruition you have to put the work in.  The program doesn’t do it for you.  This program is an amazing toolkit that you can utilize to ensure your success.  Work with your accountability partner every day.  Make sure you communicate what it is that you are going to do that day and do it.  Listen carefully to what they are going to do and ask them about it.  If they don’t get it done, ask them why.  They will do the same for you and you can then determine what was keeping you from doing the work.  If it is a pattern, you will be able to identify it and work on changing it.

One thing is certain, though.  If you do the work, amazing things will happen, and this program is built to assist you in doing just that.  You begin the program by identifying 3 short term, 3 intermediate, and 3 long term goals that you want to accomplish.  In just 7 weeks I have almost accomplished my goal of having my party card game ready to print.  I am also on target to lose that last stubborn fat that I’ve held onto since my teenage years.  The first 80 pounds seemed easy for me to lose but these last 20 have been very difficult.  These goals helped me identify what steps I needed to take to make that a reality.  I have 10 more pounds to go and feel amazing!


I highly recommend the RichWay Personal Enrichment Program to anyone that wants to improve their lives or accomplish goals that they have set but just haven’t been able to achieve.  I will personally be available to you if you have any questions or need help along the way.  That means if you join through me you will actually have 4 coaches you can work with!!  What are you waiting for?  Text or call me at 224-587-3029.



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  1. Shadronica says:

    Rich way I’m ready for!! Ready to build and help with the team!!

  2. Cassandra Fuller says:

    It was good for people that need the coaching. I have been very good about keeping focus on my goal.

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