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What is the Super, Blue, Blood Moon 2018?

The Super, Blue, Blood Moon is a lunar event that is happening on January 31, 2018.  If you are reading this you must be wondering what that is and what it means for you.  I will try to lay out the important points and provide some handy links that may enhance your experience of this very rare event.

Let’s start with the basics and define these three unique aspects.

Super Moon – this happens when a full moon is at its closest orbital point to Earth.  This makes the full moon appear to be 14% to 30% larger in the night sky compared to other full moons.

Blue Moon – this is the second of two full moons within the same month.  There will actually be another blue moon in March of this year.  This can also refer to the fourth moon within any season when there are typically only three full moons in a season.  It takes the moon about 29 days to cycle through all of its phases.

Blood Moon – this is not a scientific term and depending on where you look, it may take on a different meaning.  Often it is referred to every full lunar eclipse because the moon appears to be reddish-brown in color during the eclipse.  More recently it has been used to describe a sequence of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses that are all total eclipses.  The upcoming eclipse does not qualify for the latter definition as the most recent lunar eclipse was partial and only the next 2 are going to be total eclipses along with this one.  In any case, the internet is taking the name and spreading it everywhere.

How Does This Affect Me?

Considering our bodies are composed of mostly water (55% for adult women, 60% for adult men, and 78% in newborn babies), it makes sense that the moon would have a profound effect on us.  After all, it affects the ebb and flow of the earth’s tides.  The Law of Correspondence is one of the 7 Laws of Nature and it states “As Above, So Below.  As Within, So Without.”

Understanding the motions of heavenly bodies also helps us to understand ourselves.  Energetically the sun and moon represent the masculine and feminine aspects respectively.  If we apply that to ourselves the masculine sun is the outward persona we present to the world and the feminine moon is the person that we are inside.  As the light of the sun illuminates the moon allowing us to see it, so the light shines on our inner selves.  Ask an ER nurse and they will share plenty of stories of the craziness they experience during full moons.

A lunar eclipse only takes place during a full moon, just as a solar eclipse can only happen during a new moon.  The word ECLIPSE itself gives us a clue as to how it affects us.  E – CLIPS or energy being clipped.  Eclipses are a time of letting go of energies that no longer serve us.  This can be a painful or scary process if you are not ready to let go of these energies.  It happens whether you are aware of it or not, and when you do become aware of it, there are things that you can do to make the transition more comfortable.

Since this is a lunar eclipse we are dealing with aspects of ourselves that are our inner “Being”.  This includes our emotions and the longings of our hearts.  Energies that we have been holding on to will be clipped away and we can prepare for this event through contemplation.  Take some time to reflect on your inner self before the eclipse (You can click on this link to find out the exact time you will be experiencing this even based on your location).  Think about the emotions, feelings, worries, fears that you no longer need in your life.

If you wish to really take control of this process you may write these down and set them outside during the eclipse.  Write the date and name of this lunar event at the top of the page and then begin the list with, “I am ready to clip these energies that no longer serve my highest path and purpose:”  Then write your list of energies you are ready to release.  Finish the list with, “So it is.  So it is.  So it is.”  If the weather is bad you may place it in a baggie and place something on top of it (crystal pyramid if you have it) so it doesn’t blow away.

While the eclipse does affect all life on earth, it doesn’t do so uniformly.  There are other aspects of ourselves that come into play and again we can look at the heavens for answers.  The planets all reflect different aspects of ourselves and their position relative to the moon during this  eclipse affect us each in different ways.  For example, my astrological moon is in Aquarius and in my birth chart my moon squares Mercury, the ruler of communication.  This has been a lifelong struggle of mine to be able to effectively communicate my feelings.  At the time of the eclipse the moon and Mercury will actually be in opposition to each other making this an even more difficult for me.  I will be writing that down in my list of energies to let go of for sure.  LOL!

When and Where Can I Watch the Event

This Lunar Calendar will show you if and when you can see the eclipse from where you live.


Click on the YouTube icon below to watch a live feed of the eclipse as part of the Virtual Telescope Project.  If you are logged in you can set a reminder to watch once it begins.


I would love to hear about your experiences with this very rare lunar event!  Leave a comment below.




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